Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Hub

A gathering place for the young and
Middle aged to dine on fast food
And to relax. There’s a young man
Eating sushi and playing on his iPhone.

There are two guys and a girl
At the center table sharing fries and
Discussing the latest Harry Potter movie.

The dining room attendant is sweeping the floor
And complaining to a coworker about a mess left
Behind by a rude male student. 

There’s a casual business meeting happening
At the far right corner table with four men in suits. 
They even have a chart containing sales reports,
And are discussing the agenda over
Fatty burgers and greasy fries. 

Then there’s the lone woman
Eating a Ham and Cheese sandwich from home,
Wondering how she’s going to do her next
Communications assignment. 

College students abound,
Come together to have a moment to laugh
And enjoy each other’s company before
Heading off to their Art, History,
 And Management classes.

*written Wednesday, October 19, 2011

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