Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Going back to the Old Ways

Since I started back at work over a year ago, I have neglected my writing. I have either been busy or really tired.  I plan to make a conscious effort to get back to what I love doing: writing.  I am also going to put this blog back to the way I originally had it.  I will re-post a lot of my older stories and poems and add newer ones as I complete them.  I have a finished short story that I need to type up on the computer and I will post it when it is complete. I am also thinking about making some changes to The Dead so I will not re-post it until I have made the changes and am satisfied with it.  I am still working on my novella, Emma.  That is a long work-in-progress; Emma has a lot to say.  I may never post it because when I have it completed to my satisfaction I may send it off to see if I can get it published.

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