Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New Approach to an Old Blog

I know my followers enjoy reading what new poem or story I post here, but that will now longer happen.   I have two poetry books published now. One being a chapbook with the poems that are some of my memories of my father and others with me dealing with his death in 2006, and the other is a poetry book of various poems  I've written over the years, some you have viewed here on this blog site.  Now, you have the chance to own a copy for yourself.  They are only available on, but I have a link to my store on the links page of this blog to make it convenient for my followers.

This morning I loaded some of my readings to my Youtube account just so I could post them to my Goodreads author page.  I never thought I would be uploading videos to Youtube, but I also never thought I would have an author's page on Goodreads either.  It's very thrilling.

I hope to have my novella/novel Emma completed by the end of the year so It can be published sometime next next year.  I also have some short stories enough to fill a book, but they are such a variety of genres that I don't believe they should be piled into one book. I have  some that are horror; Christen; and historical romance; as some of my followers have noticed. What can I tell you? I write whatever pops into my mind's eye.  I will just have to keep writing more short stories until I have enough of one genre to fill a book.  Please, read my books and leave a review on, and past the word around that a new author is in town. Signing off for today; I'll talk to you all another time.

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