Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Partners in Crime

He runs alongside
Of the little girl until
She gains her balance.
She wobbles but
Manages to keep
It together. She then
Heads straight for
The blue Sedan
Parked curbside.
He yells. “Put on the brakes.”
She panics and
Replies, “I did.”
The head on crash
Was unavoidable.
She slides off the
Seat on to the bar.
He runs over to see if
His baby girl is okay.
Then he grabs the bicycle
And the little girl’s hand,
Saying “Let’s go. You’ll never
Get your driver license like this.”
They both hurried away like two
Partners in crime.

*written Spring 2009

**published Spring 2010 Cuyahoga Community College's Breakwall

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